With over a decade of experience in general practice, Dr. Capek brings a unique perspective to patient care. His training includes a surgical background with a focus on critical care and burn reconstruction, providing him with insights into complex medical conditions not commonly encountered in primary care.

Dr. Capek emphasizes whole-patient care, accompanying individuals through all stages of life. From health maintenance, to eye and skin care, to complex personalized medical and surgical consultations, he’s dedicated to helping patients find their best path to a healthy and abundant life.

Services range from outpatient clinic care to ER and inpatient hospital support, including telemedicine and home visits tailored to each case. Dr. Capek’s concept of care centers on the belief that patients play the active part in their healing, with guidance of medical expertise and the good Lord’s providence.

Welcome to our team, Dr. Capek! We’re thrilled to have you on board, offering compassionate care and expertise to our community.

Feel free to reach out for consultations on any health concerns. Your well-being is our priority!