We are thrilled to introduce Janet Orduno-Capek, our newest addition to the team! She is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner working in our hospital and will also fill in doing some clinic care.

With a lifelong passion for nursing, Janet’s journey started at the tender age of 3, driven by her innate desire to help others. Having witnessed firsthand the lack of medical education impacting her own family, Janet made it her mission to bridge this gap.

With educational stints at The University of Texas, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, and The Victoria College, Janet has honed her skills to deliver top-notch care. As an emergency room nurse, Janet’s focus was not just on treatment but on empowering her
patients through education. Her dedication to patient enlightenment paved the way for a broader vision – becoming a primary care provider.

Today, Janet brings her wealth of experience and expertise in adult gerontology to our practice. Fluent in Spanish, she’s poised to touch the lives of even more individuals, doubling her impact through education and care.

Join us in welcoming Janet Orduno-Capek, where compassion meets expertise, and every patient’s journey is guided with knowledge and empathy. Call the Refugio Medical Clinic to set up an appointment with her at 361-526-5328. She will be taking walk-ins Wednesday-Friday in Austwell-Tivoli.